Residents condemn looting of subsidised mealie-meal by police manning queues at retail shops.

by Murra information

Residents condemn looting of subsidised mealie-meal by police manning queues at retail shops.

MURRA would like to express concern over allegations by residents that some unscrupulous and rogue police officers manning mealie meal queues at Sisk and Yeukai business center abused their power of office to loot subsidized mealie meal for resale when ordinary residents failed to access it. Residents allege that police officers enforcing lockdown regulations, particularly observance of social distance in queues took the opportunity to horde the scarce commodity which they will sell at double price on the parallel market. Residents condemn such malpracticies in the strongest terms and urge local police bosses to intervene. Meanwhile residents would like to appalud local grain millers for taking up a bold decision to bring subsidised mealie- meal to residential areas for easy access to residents as way to limit manipulation by rougue law enforcements agents. We say Kudos to the millers for making sure that residents access the precious staple without difficulities during lockdown. We also urge residents to continue observing social distancing and constantly wash their hands, when millers bring their staple to their neighborhood.

lets fight covid-19 on full tummies!

Inserted by Murra information.

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