Sabhuku Vharazipi on Devoulition, 3Ds campaign

Murra will be live on Hevoi FM

Murra will be live on Hevoi FM @ 5:30pm to discuss the impact of covid-19 lockdown on residents.

Residents condemn looting of subsidised mealie-meal by police manning queues at retail shops.

by Murra information Residents condemn looting of subsidised mealie-meal by police manning queues at retail shops. MURRA would like to express concern over allegations by residents that some unscrupulous and rogue police officers manning mealie meal queues at Sisk and Yeukai business center abused their power of office to lootRead More

International Human Rights Day

As MURRA joins the world in commemorating International Human Rights Day, Residents demand improved water provision. We call upon Masvingo City and ZETDC to stop switching off the Bushmead water works station. Water is a basic human right

Meeting with ward 4 Vote Registration peer mobilizers

Meeting with ward 4 VR peer mobilizers discussing the success and challenges they are facing in the community #enhancing Masvingo resident’s participation in electoral processes and minimizing voter apathy by promoting VR

Murra Voter Registration Peer Mobilisers Training

The process seeks to train mobilizers that are set to encourage residents in the 10 wards of Masvingo Urban to register to vote in next year’s harmonized elections, with a special interest in local government elections. The objective is to sensitive residents of the importance of registering to vote forRead More

Murra meeting with residents, councilors and ZEC

Murra held a meeting with residents, Councilors, and ZEC to discuss the nexus between, service delivery, voter registration, and voting.

Masvingo Residents Bemoan Limited Access To IDs

A GROUP of about 20 residents associations has expressed concern over the continued lack of access to national registration documents at the Registry Offices. They say the impediment is a clear violation of the people’s right to vote in the upcoming by-elections. Local council and parliamentary by-elections are set forRead More

Let’s Talk About Nomination Processand Youth Participation

MURRA programs manager Rumbidzai Magurupira and ZESN programs officer Rekai Rusinga will be guest speakers on a Live Radio discussion on YAFM from 1200-1230hrs 19 January 2022 .

Residents outraged as council auctions bus for ZW$20 000

MASVINGO residents are up in arms with the city council after thelocal authority sold a functioning bus for a paltry ZW$20 000 at anauction which was held without their knowledge. The 75-seater AVM bus, which was used by the council to ferry workers towork was auctioned by a local auctioneerRead More

Floods hit Masvingo City- Due to poor drainage